Tyson Lake – Piedmont, CA

Sometime ago, my wife and I were taking a walk on Sotelo Avenue in Piedmont when we noticed that, looking down the backyard of one of the homes on the south side of Sotelo we saw what appeared to be a lake! A lake in Piedmont? When I got home … [Read more]

Kanne, the Mother of All Things Can

Recently, I was thinking about the precise meaning of "canister." I knew it was a cylindrical tube that was used as a container, but that was about it. The Oxford English Dictionary defines it as: A vessel for holding liquids, now spec. … [Read more]

Christopher Nolan’s Inception : Sweet Dreams Aren’t Made of This!

I loved Memento (2000), Christopher Nolan‘s first wide-release film. In a film about Leonard (Guy Pearce), a guy afflicted with a memory capacity of about 10 seconds who’s trying to figure out who killed his wife, Nolan runs the action backwards, … [Read more]